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Little prices for big tummies

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  • Fragile

    Its nice and very soft texture'll seduce you. Lovely worn with a bolero. This dress can be worn with pantys or leggings. Made in Belgium.

    80,50 € 115,00 € -30%
  • Noppies

    White linen pants by Noppies. White linen pants so comfortable! Straight and ample non-marking forms cut Very pleasant material Will match easily with most of your clothes. Length easily changed with a simple hem.

    35,00 € 69,99 € -50%
  • Noppies

    Noppies maternity tunic You will enjoy the ultimate comfort offered by this "Noppies" maternity tunic so much you might end up wearing it on any occasion. Its extremely soft fabric will offer you all the comfort you need throughout your nine months of pregnancy. Worn with a jeans or legging it will never fail to impress. This round neck tunic combines...

    29,99 € 49,99 € -40%
  • Queen Mum

    Maternity t-shirt Hello Sunshine. A very soft and comfortable material for your 9 months of pregnancy. Ideal for spring or summer (worn f.e. with a long sleeves t-shirt under). This maternity t-shirt is very comfortable.

    21,70 € 31,00 € -30%
    Reduced price!
  • Bliss

    Elegant maternity tunic This tunic by the brand "Bliss", vera pleasant to touch, wil bring you comfort and elegance. Nice rounded neck The draped neckline make it all its refinement. Whether you want to be casual or dressed up, this tunic-dress, worn with or without leggings will fit to your new morphology!

    45,00 € 89,99 €
  • Pomkin

    Maternity skirt Darina. This maternity skirt by the brand Pomkin is ideal to remain feminine throughout your pregnancy. This dressy skirt is very comfortable. You'll love the softness of the fabric. A very soft band at belly bring you all the necessary comforts.

    52,50 € 75,00 € -30%
  • Queen Mum

    A pretty maternity blouse with brillants by Queen Mum! Nice neck Extensible and so soft, this blouse brings you all the comfort necessary throughout your pregnancy. You can wear it with jeans as well as with formal trousers or a skirt. This blouse is very easy to match.

    20,00 € 59,95 €
  • Fragile

    Printed maternity tunic Fragile Fashion printed maternity tunic by Fragile Very pretty model that'll give you a trendy look Very soft material Love at first sight for this tunic that'll accompany you throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

    169,00 €
  • Pas de Deux

    Maternity tunic You'll wear this tunic "Pas de deux" in all circumstances thanks to its ultimate comfort.  Its stretchy and soft texture provides you the comfort desired for the 9 months of your pregnancy.  Worn with jeans or leggings, everybody'll love you wearing it! A rounded neck allow you to wear a "choker" collar or longer that'll give you a trendy...

    35,00 € 79,99 €
  • Bliss

    Maternity crochet tunic by Bliss A colorful tunic by the brand «Bliss»! Its extensible texture and its softness gives you all the comfort you look for your 9 months of pregnancy. Worn under Jeans or leggings, this tunic'll highlight your new silhouette. Sleeveless Easy to match in all cicumstances

    39,00 € 78,00 € -50%
  • Queen Mum

    Dancing girl maternity long sleeve t-shirt Long sleeves t-shirt by the brand «Queen Mum » with a nice print! Thanks to its good quality and stretchy material you can wear this t-shirt throughout your pregnancy and beyond. To match with the jeans

    25,00 € 45,00 €
  • Queen Mum

    Elegant cardigan for pregnant women, cobalt blue.  Stylish maternity cardigan, specially designed for pregnant women.  This « Queen Mum » maternity cardigan is very elegant and adds a stylish finishing touch to all your outfits! We love its draped effect, whether you wear it open or closed.  It has the perfect length for showing off your pretty belly to...

    24,98 € 49,95 € -50%
  • Cache Coeur

    20,97 € 29,95 € -30%
    Reduced price!
  • Les Ultraviolettes

    Anti UV maternity dress Wonderful sun protective maternity dress ! Maternity dress for a truly sophisticated look to the beach! This very soft and wall-cut maternity dress can be worn in the city or on the beach to combine fashion and sun protection ... Take care of yourself!

    40,00 € 79,99 € -50%