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Breastfeeding rings - Skinoo

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Skinoos are made of very absorbent cotton and are placed against the nipples between breastfeeding sessions.

  • They protect the nipples from contact with other elements.
  • They stop the nipples getting crushed.
  • They allow the skin to breathe.

Thanks to these three functions, Skinoos react against:

  • Maceration
  • Proliferation of bacteria.
  • Chapped nipples.
  • Oils and creams being absorbed by fabrics and pads.

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Fabric100% Cotton
ThèmesBeautiful in the maternity ward

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Skinoos are very easy to use. Just place a Skinoo on each nipple after breastfeeding and fasten up your bra. When you do this you:

  • Protect the nipples from contact with other elements.
  • Stop the nipples getting crushed and forming folds.
  • Allow the skin to breathe and promote healing of any scars.

The advantages:

  • Skinoos are discreet and comfortable for everyday use.
  • Skinoos have a rapid absorption capacity in the event of milk loss; they absorb six times their own weight without losing their shape.

The thin layer of starch covering them and the pressure of the bra mean that they do not slip.

In order to guarantee greater comfort and avoid stains due to milk loss, they can be combined with breastfeeding pads.

The diameter and the height have been studied to fit all different shapes of nipples

Content: 30 natural cotton rings 8 mm thick and 45 mm in diameter.

Composition: Medically certified hypoallergenic oxygenated cotton, glue and starch.

Natural cotton: hypoallergenic, no preservatives or colouring agents, no perfume or gluten or paraben, not chemically treated.

Manufactured in Belgium.

These ultra-comfortable panties that match the Purple Promise bra make a magnificent set that you can wear throughout your pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Its minimalist line and comfort will enchant you.

Size= S, M, L, XL